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Bert Williams Memorial Service:  St Peter's Church, Wolverhampton.  5th February 2014

On Wednesday 5th February, 12:00 a memorial service was held in St Peter's Church, Wolverhampton, for the late, great

Wolves, Walsall and England Goalkeeper, Bert "The Cat" Williams.


It was a great privilege and honour for the Cannock Chase Orpheus Male Choir to be able to offer their services to help celebrate Bert's life.


The choir helped boost the singing of the congregational hymns.  They started the prayers of with a wonderful rendition of the "Lord's Prayer".  Many people who attended the service said it moved them to tears.  Baroness Hayhoe-Flint commented that it was the best she'd heard.


Our soloist:  Sharron Burns, sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at the request of Bert's family.  It was one of Bert's favourite songs.  I'm sure he would have loved Sharron's rendition.


The Reverend David Wright, led a beautiful service.  There were readings from TV personalities, Bob Hall and Ian Winter, who knew Bert well, Baroness Hayhoe-Flint who had known Bert for many years and two

readings from Bert's family.


Following the service, the choir were invited back to the Molineux for a drink and a bite to eat.  Everyone enjoyed the day.


It was a lovely occasion, and Bert had a marvellous memorial service fitting of such a sporting legend...