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With his gargantuan frame, towering personality, and prodigious talent - was a star of the organ world for more than 40 years.

He loved his audiences and they loved him.  His programmes included something for everyone, from his own arrangements of simple tunes such as the Londonderry Air to the fantastically-complex works of Max Reger.  All of which were invariably played faultlessly, always with passion, and often from memory!  His flamboyant showmanship and business-like attitude wasn't always to the organ establishment's liking but the fact is that no other organist pulled-in audiences as large as he did.  When churches and cathedrals the world over wanted to raise money for their organs, they would book Carlo to put 'bums on seats'.  More importantly, he inspired hundreds, possibly thousands of youngsters to take-up playing the organ - in the USA the UK and elsewhere.  Carlo was genuinely friendly and had a great sense of humour.  His vast repertoire of gags and anecdotes ranged from the mildy-amusing (often told at concerts) to the downright outrageous (usually reserved for conversations with close friends).  He loved a good laugh, even if it was at his own expense.

Back in October 2012, the Choir were honoured and very pleased to have been asked to sing at the memorial service for world famous organist Carlo Curley, who sadly passed away on August 11th at the age of 59.  

Carlo Curley1 Pershore Abbey 2 Choir at the Abbey

Carlo's Memorial Service took place at Pershore Abbey, Worcestershire, on Friday 26th October 2012.


The Choir arrived by coach on that morning.  It was a beautiful sunny day but very cold in the wind.  


We had a rehearsal in the Abbey at 12:45 and had to be back and in our places for the start of the service at 14:15.  It was a lovely service which began with three pieces played on Carlo's touring organ which had been set up in the Abbey specially for the service, and what a fantastic sound it made.  The organist was Keith Hearnshaw.


Following the Hymn, O praise ye the lord, we sang our first piece of the service "Gwahoddiad"  "I hear thy welcome voice"  we were accompanied on the organ by Colin Walsh, the Organist Laureate, Lincoln Cathedral.


At the end of the service we went out into the Garden of remembrance for the interment of the ashes.  This is where we sang "Ar Hyd y Nos"  "All through the night"  This was unaccompanied and was very emotional.  A fitting end to a wonderful memorial service.


Every one enjoyed the day but were glad to get back on the coach for a warm...It was bitter cold at the end of the day.


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