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Alan was born on a St David’s Day in Walsall, West Midlands. He has had a lifelong passion for music especially as a pianist, organist, and for choral singing. He is a man of vast musical experience which positively shows in his leadership and mentoring of the choir. His abilities are well respected and recognised within music and choral circles.

Prior to becoming Music Director and Conductor Alan was a valued member of the bass section of the choir.

Alan now has more than 45 years as organist at the Great Wyrley (Wesley) Methodist Church, and as a freelance organist, his playing is in great demand.

The skills and talents he has developed over the years, have made him an excellent musical composer, arranger, conductor, and accompanist. He ensures that the choirs performances are weaved together to produce a great mixture of musical styles of sounds.

He gives commitment and demands discipline, but keeps the choir amused with humorous anecdotes which help to motivate the choir members.

Alan always drives for perfection, this really shows in the choirs concert perfomances.

Alan is married to Patricia and they have a son and two grandsons.

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Alan D Jones


Pauline is a native of Penkridge, and a former teacher. She studied music and passed her examinations of the London Royal Academy of Music, gaining her L.R.A.M. status.

She has taught piano and has been involved in many varied musical events, operatic societies, playing church organs and much more. It’s clear to see she really loves music.

Aa an influential music arranger and accompanist, she always lifts the spirits of the choir. With her playing of great clarity, patience and excellent technique.

It cannot be over emphasised that her gifted and expert playing of the piano helps the choir create their exciting sound. Producing great performances both in rehearsals and especially in concerts.

Many times after concerts her playing is cited as being outstanding. This praise is well deserved.

Pauline is married to David and they have a daughter Caroline.

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Pauline Pritchards


Dom has been offered a wonderful opportunity to work for four and a half months on a Cruise Line sailing from Australia. Dom joins the ship on the 10th of February 2015. The choir, committee and music team would like to wish Dom all the very best for his new venture, and to thank him very much for the work he has done with the Orpheus... BON VOYAGE!!

Dom Treharne

Deputy Conductor/Piano Acompanist Required:

This position comes with a small honorarium.

If you are interested please contact Alan D Jones, Musical Director on 01922 412094. Or Chairman, David Small 01543 684246

The position requires two rehearsals a week 7:30 - 9:00 or 9:30 on Wednesday and Friday at Wesley Methodist Church, A34 Great Wyrley.
Plus attendance at concerts as scheduled in the Concert Bookings and in agreement with the Committee and Musical Director.