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Alan has resigned from the choir and we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for his musical leadership and achievements for over four decades.




Pauline is a native of Penkridge, and a former teacher.  She studied music and passed her examinations of the London Royal Academy of Music, gaining her L.R.A.M. status.


She has taught piano and has been involved in many varied musical events, operatic societies, playing church organs and much more.  It’s clear to see she really loves music.


Aa an influential music arranger and accompanist, she always lifts the spirits of the choir.  With her playing of great clarity, patience and excellent technique.


It cannot be over emphasised that her gifted and expert playing of the piano helps the choir create their exciting sound.  Producing great performances both in rehearsals and especially in concerts.


Many times after concerts her playing is cited as being outstanding.  This praise is well deserved.


Pauline is married to David and they have a daughter Caroline.

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Frank has rejoined the choir as our acting musical director



The choir are now recruiting for the following positions:


Musical Director


Deputy Conductor/Accompanist


If you are interested in joining please contact either:


David Small (chairman) 01543 684246


[email protected]




Frank Morris 01543 502 976


[email protected]



We are recruiting